Margaret Chowning

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On Leave for Fall 2017
3125 Dwinelle

B.A., Duke University
Ph.D., Stanford University

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Research Interests: 

Latin America: Mexico, late colonial and nineteenth century, women, church, social and economic


Margaret Chowning is completing a manuscript entitled "Catholic Ladies and Culture Wars:  Gender, Church, and Politics in Mexico, 1700-1920."  This social, institutional, and political history examines changing roles for women in lay associations, and links those changes to the emergence of Catholic women as important actors in Mexican politics.  It argues that Catholic women not only entered politics much earlier than is generally thought (by the time of the mid-century Reform), but also entered as independent "players," not as pawns of priests.  Women were thus consequential actors within the church, as well as in Mexican politics, and the early strength of their presence on the political scene helps us to understand the continuing importance of the Catholic church in Mexican politics to this day.   

Representative Publications: 

“Culture Wars in the Trenches?  Public Schools and Catholic Education in Mexico, 1867-1897,” Hispanic American Historical Review, November 2017.  

"The Catholic Church and the Ladies of the Vela Perpetua:  Gender and Devotional Change in Nineteenth-Century Mexico," in Past & Present, Nov. 2013.  

Rebellious Nuns: The Troubled History of a Mexican Convent, 1752-1863. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.

"Convent Reform, Catholic Reform, and Bourbon Reform: The View from the Nunnery," in Hispanic American Historical Review, Feb. 2005.

Wealth and Power in Provincial Mexico: Michoacan from the Late Colony to the Revolution. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1999.

"Reassessing the Prospects for Profit and Productivity in Nineteenth-Century Mexico," in Stephen Haber, ed., How Latin America Fell Behind. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1997.

"The Contours of the Post-1810 Depression in Mexico: A Reappraisal from a Regional Perspective," Latin American Research Review 27:2, Spring 1992.

"The Management of Church Property in Michoacan, Mexico, 1810-1856: Economic Motivations and Political Implications," Journal of Latin American Studies, October 1990.


Semester Course Title Syllabus
Spring 2017 280E.001 Recent Works on Modern Mexico
Spring 2017 285E.001 Latin America
Spring 2016 285E Latin America
Fall 2016 8A Becoming Latin America, 1492 to 1824
Spring 2015 280E.001 Recent Works on Modern Mexico in Historiographical Perspective
Spring 2015 296 Directed Dissertation Research
Spring 2015 298 Employment Credits
Spring 2015 601 Individual Study for Master's Exam
Spring 2015 602 Orals Preparation
Fall 2015 140B Modern Mexico