Office Hours

If office hours are not listed for your instructor, please refer to your course syllabus or contact the instructor via email. Graduate Student Instructors for course sections are listed at the bottom of this page.

Faculty & Lecturers

Name Primary Fields Office Hours Email

Diliana Angelova
Associate Professor


Wednesday: 10am-12pm

3/13, 4/10, 5/1: Doe Library, 4th Floor, Rm 423

2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 3/20, 4/3, 4/17, 4/24, 5/8: 2309 Dwinelle
Stephan H. Astourian
Associate Adjunct Professor
Late Modern Europe 2221 Dwinelle
Thursday: 12-2pm
Janaki Bakhle
Associate Professor
South Asia 3209 Dwinelle
Monday: 10am–12pm
Andrew Barshay
East Asia: Japan 2216 Dwinelle
Thursday: 1:30-2:30pm
Margo Boenig-Liptsin
STS Research Associate
Science Hearst Field Annex B
Wednesday: 10:30–12:30pm
Christoffer Bovbjerg
Visiting Lecturer
East Asia: Japan 3213 Dwinelle
Wednesday: 3–4pm
Mark Brilliant
Associate Professor
North America 2311 Dwinelle
Tuesday/Thursday: 11:10am-12:10pm
Angelo Caglioti
Visiting Lecturer
Science 2305 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 2–4 pm
Cathryn Carson
Science Hearst Field Annex B22
Monday: 3–4 pm, and 5:30-6:30pm
Margaret Chowning
Latin America 3125 Dwinelle
Thursday: 1-3pm
John Connelly
Late Modern Europe 2218 Dwinelle
Monday: 2-4pm
Thomas James Dandelet
Early Modern Europe 2317 Dwinelle
Monday: 2-3pm
Brian DeLay
Associate Professor
North America 3219 Dwinelle
Monday: 3:15-4:15pm
Nicholas Dirks
South Asia 3224 Dwinelle
On Leave
Sandra Eder
Assistant Professor
Science 2213 Dwinelle
On Leave
John M. Efron
Jewish, Late Modern Europe 2217 Dwinelle
Monday: 2–4pm
Robin L. Einhorn
North America 3211 Dwinelle
On Leave
Susanna Elm
Ancient Greece & Rome 2310 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 3:30-5pm
Victoria Frede
Associate Professor
Late Modern Europe 3217 Dwinelle
Monday: 2-3pm; Thursday: 4-5pm
Sarah Gold McBride
Visiting Lecturer
North America 2314 Dwinelle
Wednesday: 12:30–2:30pm
(and by appointment)
Bruce S. Hall
Associate Professor
Africa 3218 Dwinelle
Wednesday, 1-3pm
David Henkin
North America 2226 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 12:30–1:30pm
(and by appointment)
Rebecca Herman
Assistant Professor
Latin America 2307 Dwinelle
On Leave
Carla Hesse
Early Modern Europe Contact Jane Christen for an appointment
Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann
Associate Professor
Late Modern Europe 3215 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 4–5:30pm
J. Brooks Jessup
Visiting Lecturer
East Asia: China 2305 Dwinelle
Friday: 1–3pm
Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers
Assistant Professor
North America 2315 Dwinelle
On Leave
Abhishek Kaicker
Assistant Professor
South Asia 3216 Dwinelle
On Leave
Tabitha Kanogo
Africa 3220 Dwinelle
On Leave
Ethan Katz
Associate Professor
Jewish, Late Modern Europe 2227 Dwinelle
Tuesday/Thursday: 1–2pm
(or by appointment)
Joseph Kellner
Visiting Lecturer
Late Modern Europe 3118 Dwinelle
Wednesday: 8–10am
Geoffrey Koziol
Medieval 3116 Dwinelle
Monday: 2:30–4:30pm
Emily Mackil
Associate Professor
Ancient Greece & Rome 2312 Dwinelle
Thursday: 1–3pm
Waldo E. Martin
North America 2308 Dwinelle
Thursday: 3:30–5pm
Maria Mavroudi
Byzantine 2223 Dwinelle
By Appointment
Massimo Mazzotti
Science 2309 Dwinelle
By Appointment
Rebecca M. McLennan
Associate Professor
North America 2224 Dwinelle
By Appointment
Andrej Milivojević
Visiting Lecturer
Late Modern Europe 3422 Dwinelle
Tuesday & Thursday: 2:10-3pm
Maureen C. Miller

2219 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 1:30–2:30pm; Thursday: 4:30-5:30pm

(and by appointment)
Bonnie Morris
Visiting Lecturer
North America 2309 Dwinelle
Tuesday & Thursday: 11am–12pm
Carlos F. Noreña
Associate Professor
Ancient Greece & Rome 2222 Dwinelle
Wednesday: 2–4pm
(and by appointment)
Michael Nylan
East Asia: China 3212 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 4-5pm
(and by appointment)
Vanessa Ogle
Associate Professor
Late Modern Europe 2207 Dwinelle
Tuesday, 1:30-3:30pm
Dylan C. Penningroth
North America 423 North Addition (Law)
On Leave
Christine Philliou
Associate Professor
Middle East 2205 Dwinelle
On Leave
Archana Prakash
Visiting Lecturer
Middle East

3216 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 11:30–1:30pm (or by appt.)
Isabel Richter
DAAD Professor
Late Modern Europe 3207 Dwinelle
Wednesday: 3-4:30pm
Daniel M. Robert
Visiting Lecturer
North America 3422 Dwinelle
Monday: 11–11:50am
Tuesday: 10:10–11am
(or by appointment)
Caitlin C. Rosenthal
Assistant Professor
North America 2225 Dwinelle
Monday: 11am-12pm; 4-5pm
Click here to make an appointment
Peter Sahlins
Early Modern Europe

3214 Dwinelle
On Leave
Daniel Sargent
Associate Professor
North America 2215 Dwinelle
On Leave
Elena A. Schneider
Assistant Professor
Latin America & The Caribbean

2210 Dwinelle
Thursday: 12:45–2:45pm
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Elizabeth Schwall
Visiting Lecturer
Latin America

2313 Dwinelle
Monday & Wednesday: 4-5pm
and by appointment
Ethan H. Shagan
Early Modern Europe 3210 Dwinelle
Wednesday: 2–4pm
Brendan Shanahan
Visiting Lecturer
North America

3211 Dwinelle
Monday & Wednesday: 3-4pm (and by appointment)
Jonathan Sheehan
Early Modern Europe 3222 Dwinelle
Thursday: 10am-12pm
Yuri Slezkine
Late Modern Europe 2220 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 3-4pm

Matthew Specter
Visiting Lecturer

Late Modern Europe

3442 Dwinelle
Monday: 2-2:45pm; Wednesday: 1:15-2:30pm

Ronit Y. Stahl
Assistant Professor
North America 2211 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 2:15-4pm
Nicolas Tackett
Associate Professor
East Asia: China 2212 Dwinelle
On Leave
Jennifer Robin Terry
Visiting Lecturer
North America 2314 Dwinelle
Monday: 2:30-4pm
(and by appointment)
James Vernon
Late Modern Europe, Britain 2214 Dwinelle
Tuesday: 2-4pm
Wen-hsin Yeh
East Asia: China 3120 Dwinelle
Monday: 2-3pm
(and by appointment)
Peter B. Zinoman
Professor, Department Chair
Southeast Asia 3303 Dwinelle
Thursday: 9–11am

Graduate Student Instructors by Course Section 



GSI Name


Office Hours


101/103 Lowish, Thomas 2104 Dwinelle, Thurs 1-2pm


102/104 Stratman, Christene 2104 Dwinelle, Wed 2:30-3:30pm


101/104 Bobkov, Ilya 2112 Dwinelle , Fri 2-4pm
6B  105/106

Mahler, Coleman

2112 Dwinelle , Fri 1-3pm

6B 103/107

Wyle, Elisheva

2112 Dwinelle , Tu 5:30-6:30pm, F 11am-12pm

7B 117

Arnold, Chase

2104 Dwinelle, Tu & Th, 1:30-2:30pm

7B 106/113

Benowitz, Olivia

2102 Dwinelle, Mon 9-10am, Wed 2-3pm

7B 109/118

Friedman, Daniel

2101 Dwinelle, Wed 1-3pm

7B 103/114

Hargrett, Elizabeth

2102 Dwinelle, Mon 3-4pm, Wed 3-4pm

7B 102/104

Leon, Clara

2012 Dwinelle, Tu, Th 9-10am

7B 101/105

Nelson, Ryan

2012 Dwinelle, Mon 1:10-2:10pm, Fr 9:10-10:10am

7B 107/110

Spier, Charli

2012 Dwinelle, Th 2-4pm

7B 112/116

Venkatasubramanian, Varsha

2104 Dwinelle —Fri 1-3pm

7B 111/119

Winter, Suzanne

2014 Dwinelle, Tu 4:30-6pm

7B 108

Wu, Ching Kit

2014 Dwinelle, Mon 11am-1pm

8B 103/104

Almeida Reis, Maria

2108 Dwinelle, Th 3-4pm, Fr 11am-12pm

8B 101/102

Jackson, Kyle

2108 Dwinelle, Fr 9-11am

C184D 101/105

Chishti, Aneesa

2106 Dwinelle, Wed 10am-12pm

C184D 103/108

DuBois, Maelia

2106 Dwinelle, Tu 1-3pm

C184D 104

Edmundson, Ari

2106 Dwinelle, Mon 2-3pm, Tu 4-5pm

C184D 102/110

Hartono, Paulina

2106 Dwinelle, Tu 10am-12pm

C184D 109/111

Kelly, Daniel

2106 Dwinelle, Fr 11am-12pm

C184D 106/107

Mursinna, Jordan

2106 Dwinelle, Th 11am-12pm, 2-3pm


Delano, David

2116 Dwinelle, Tu/Th 10-11am, 4-5pm


Peel, Sebastian

2116 Dwinelle, Tu 9:30-10:30am, Th 3-4pm


Nelson, Robert

2114 Dwinelle, Fr 2-4pm

106B 101/105

Roddy, Daniel

2110 Dwinelle, Wed 1-3pm

106B 103/106

Stubblefield, Samuel

2110 Dwinelle, Tu 2-3pm, W 11am-12pm

106B 102/104

Yildiz, Mustafa

2110 Dwinelle, Mon/Fr 4-5pm

125A 101/102

Martin del Campo, Francis


133A 102/106

Bender, Noah

2112 Dwinelle, Th 1-3pm

133A 101/104

Ford, Caleb

2112 Dwinelle, Tu 3-5pm

133A 103/105

Wrigley, Claire

2112 Dwinelle, Tu 1-2pm, Wed 9-10am

133B 101/104

Williams, Brandon Kirk

2110 Dwinelle, Tu/Th 11:10am-12pm

133B 102/103

Sangster, Doug

140B 101/102

Fernandez, Evan

2108 Dwinelle, Tu 1-3pm

162C 105/106

Alie, Remi

2108 Dwinelle, Tu 10-11:30am

162C 101/102

Friedman, Sara

2108 Dwinelle, Tu/Th 10-11am

162C 103/104

Morreale, Anthony

2108 Dwinelle, Tu/Th 5-6pm


Schmidt, Henry

2110 Dwinelle, Tu 2-3pm, Th 11am-12pm