Decal Sponsorship Information

Course Number and Units:

Note that a History DE-Cal class can only be offered as a 2-unit History 98. There is no History 198.


All DE-Cal courses must have approval several weeks before the end of the previous semester. If you wish to offer a History DE-Cal class, all signed paperwork must be submitted in person to Leah Flanagan in 3327 Dwinelle by the following deadlines:

The deadline for proposed Fall 2014 DE-Cal courses is Friday April 18th, 2014.
The deadline for proposed Spring 2015 DE-Cal courses is Monday, October 13, 2014.


The Department will allow only 10 DE-Cal courses per semester, and they will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Individual faculty members may only sponsor one DE-Cal course per semester. Effective Spring 2008, student facilitators offering a DE-Cal through the History Department MUST BE A DECLARED HISTORY MAJOR.

Offering a De-Cal course through the History Department:

Getting Started

Do your research. Go to and read everything there is to know about establishing and teaching a DE-Cal course. For further information and hands-on training see

Find a faculty sponsor.

Develop your course syllabus.  A list of items that must be included in your syllabus is outlined on the Special Studies Student Checklist (available at the websites listed above).


Students planning to offer a DE-Cal History 98 course must provide the following for approval:

  • Completed COCI Special Studies Course Proposal Form, available on the following website: Students must download and complete this form and obtain the faculty sponsor's signature before submitting it to Leah Flanagan, who will then obtain the Chair's signature;
  • Syllabus of the proposed course;
  • Course description, including the criteria required for students to pass the course;
  • DE-Cal Applicant Info Sheet available online (see link below) or through Leah Flanagan's office. (One form is required for each course facilitator)
  • DE-Cal Applicant Checklist available online (see link below) or through Leah Flanagan's office.

All documentation must be submitted to Leah Flanagan in 3327 Dwinelle by the posted due date.  As soon as these courses have been approved, the students who have set them up must see Kira Blaisdell-Sloane in 3313 Dwinelle for information regarding room scheduling and course control numbers.


Special Studies Course Proposal Packet:

History Department DE-Cal Applicant Info

DE-Cal Applicant Checklist

Enrolling in a DE-Cal Course:

If you want to enroll in a DE-Cal class, please check DE-Cal's website at for the complete listings