Current Faculty

In addition to the following alphabetical list, you may view faculty members by field and current office hours for faculty and lecturers.


Portrait of Professor Diliana Angelova

Diliana Angelova


Portrait of Professor Stephan Astourian

Stephan H. Astourian

Late Modern Europe

Portrait of Professor Janaki Bakhle

Janaki Bakhle

South Asia

"The Gods Left First" by Andrew E. Barshay

Andrew E. Barshay

East Asia

Portrait of Professor Mark Brilliant

Mark Brilliant

North America

Portrait of Professor Cathryn Carson

Cathryn Carson


Book Cover: Rebellious Nuns

Margaret Chowning

Latin America

Portrait of Professor John Connelly

John Connelly

Late Modern Europe

Portrait of Professor Thomas Dandelet

Thomas James Dandelet

Early Modern Europe

Portrait of Professor Brian DeLay

Brian DeLay

North America

Portrait of Professor Nicholas Dirks

Nicholas Dirks

South Asia

Professor Sandra Eder

Sandra Eder

Science, North America

Professor John M. Efron

John M. Efron

Jewish, Late Modern Europe

Professor Susanna Elm

Susanna Elm

Ancient Greece & Rome

Professor Victoria Frede

Victoria Frede

Late Modern Europe

Professor Bruce S. Hall

Bruce S. Hall


"The Postal Age" by David M. Henkin

David Henkin

North America

Professor Rebecca Herman

Rebecca Herman

Latin America

Professor Carla Hesse

Carla Hesse

Early Modern Europe

Professor Stefan-Ludwif Hoffmann

Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

Late Modern Europe

Professor Abhishek Kaicker

Abhishek Kaicker

South Asia

Professor Ethan Katz

Ethan Katz

Jewish, Late Modern Europe

Professor Geoffrey Koziol

Geoffrey Koziol



Portrait of Professor Emily Mackil

Emily Mackil

Ancient Greece & Rome

Professor Waldo E. Martin

Waldo E. Martin

North America

Professor Maria Mavroudi

Maria Mavroudi

Byzantine, Science

Professor Rebecca McLennan

Rebecca M. McLennan

North America

Professor Carlos Noreña

Carlos F. Noreña

Ancient Greece & Rome

"The Chinese Pleasure Book" by Michael Nylan

Michael Nylan

East Asia

Professor Vanessa Ogle

Vanessa Ogle

Late Modern Europe

Professor Dylan C. Penningroth

Dylan C. Penningroth

North America

Professor Christine Philliou

Christine Philliou

Middle East

Professor Caitlin C. Rosenthal

Caitlin C. Rosenthal

North America

Professor Daniel Sargent

Daniel Sargent

North America

Professor Elena Schneider

Elena A. Schneider

Latin America & The Caribbean

Professor Ethan H. Shagan

Ethan H. Shagan

Early Modern Europe

Professor Jonathan Sheehan

Jonathan Sheehan

Early Modern Europe

Professor Ronit Stahl

Ronit Y. Stahl

North America

Professor Nicolas Tackett

Nicolas Tackett

East Asia

Professor James Vernon

James Vernon

Late Modern Europe

Professor Wen-hsin Yeh

Wen-hsin Yeh

East Asia

Professor Peter B. Zinoman

Peter B. Zinoman

Southeast Asia