Undergraduate Advising

Staff Advising

Leah Flanagan is the Department of History’s staff undergraduate advisor, and is available on a drop-in basis to assist students with a wide variety of questions and issues that come up in relation to the major. These include but are not limited to: declaring the major; assessing progress in the major; declaring a field of concentration; the 101 process; administrative concerns; graduation; information on courses; options for independent study; researching graduate programs and enrichment opportunities; and referral to other campus offices.

Leah Flanagan’s office is located at 3226 Dwinelle Hall (located on level C). Her office hours for Spring 2017 are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10-12 and 1-4; Tuesday and Thursday, 9-11 and 1-4. You may also contact her by phone at (510) 642-0356 or email. We also have a Facebook page (History Advising at Cal) for upates on events in the department and Leah's schedule.  

Faculty Advising

Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to meet with faculty in office hours to discuss their classes, thoughts about fields of concentration and thesis topics, and any other questions related to their academic pursuits in History.  

Peer Advising

The Department of History is pleased to be able to provide peer advising to complement the advising offered by faculty and staff. Peer advisors are advanced history majors who have taken a wide variety of courses in the major and been trained in student services. Students with questions about the history major experience, specific courses, or who would like to brainstorm about potential fields of concentration or thesis topics are encourage to see our peers. We particularly encourage prospective freshman and transfer students to talk to our peers if they want the inside scoop on what studying history at Berkeley is really like.

Peer advising is available on a drop-in basis in 3228 Dwinelle. For Information on this term’s Peer Advising hours and to meet our peers and see what courses they’ve taken go to:

Peer Advising Home Page

You are also welcome to call our peer advisors with during their office hours. Call the main History office at (510) 642-1971 and ask to speak to a peer advisor.