Undergraduate Research Grant Application

Read the guidelines below before submitting your application.

Application Cycles:

Fall: Opens September 5, 2023, Deadline: November 3, 2023

Spring: Opens February 5, 2023

Applications made after the deadline will be considered if funds remain available.  Please click HERE for the application.

Eligibility & Restrictions

  • In order to apply you must be history major engaged in a supervised research project related to your History 102 thesis.

  • Requests will be considered for direct research-related expenses (e.g. travel, duplication of materials not locally available). Modest lodging expenses may be considered. Meals, routine photocopying, office supplies, telephone calls, and similar expenses will not be covered.

  • You need to apply for and be awarded the grant before accruing expenses. In cases of awards given for research conducted before the 102 semester, you will not be reimbursed until you are enrolled in your 102 seminar.

Amount of the Grant

The grant is typically up to $750, but in exceptional cases the committee may choose to make larger awards.

Application Guidelines

  1. Project Description: Write a brief description of your project and  an explanation of why financial assistance is needed. If travel is involved, state your destination and why the proposed research cannot be carried out in the Bay Area. If the purpose of the grant is to conduct archival research, please be specific about the materials you intend to examine and how you know they will be available to you during the time of your planned visit. You will paste this description into the webform. The project description should be 250-500 words long.

  2. Budget: Provide a brief budget for your project which indicates how the research grant would be used. Paste your budget into the webform.

  3. Letter of Sponsorship: The faculty member or GSI who is most familiar with your research project must submit a brief written evaluation of your request, including an assessment of language competence if relevant. Once you submit your application, your sponsor will receive an email notification with instructions on how to submit an evaluation. Applications will not be reviewed until a letter of sponsorhip is received by the department.

Notification of Award

During the regular term, applicants will be notified of grant approval by email within seven days of the date of receipt of the application and recommendation. Applications will not be reviewed until a recommendation is received.

Timeline for Payment of Award

Awarded funds are not given out in advance. You will be reimbursed for the approved expenses after you have completed your research. In cases of awards given for research conducted before the 101 semester, you must be enrolled in a 101 in order to be reimbursed. Reimbursement generally happens within 30 days of submitting your receipts.

Requirements for Payment of Award

Research Reflection

Because the research grant is funded through donor funds, the department needs to receive a short reflection on your research experiences (500-1500 words) and, if possible, an electronic photo of where you conducted your research (ideally with you in it). Some or all of your research reflection report and photos may be used on our website, newsletter, or social media and may be sent to the donors who funded your research. Your funds will not be disbursed until your report is received. Click here to submit your Research Reflection Report

Originial Receipts in Your Name

You must obtain and submit original receipts for all your research related expenses. Per UC travel guidelines, your receipts must include the following elements:

  • Amount paid
  • How payment was made (the last 4 digits of the credit card number or "Paid by Visa" will be listed on the receipt)
  • Indication that the purchase was made and paid for by you. Please do NOT use your parents' or anyone else's credit card.

Submit receipts to history-finance@berkeley.edu. Reimbursement can only be issued to the grant award recipient. If you have any questions about particular expenses or types of payment, please email history-finance@berkeley.edu early in the process (such as before you submit your application, or book travel) or before you submit receipts. 

Regarding Online Travel Packages

Do NOT use travel packages purchased from internet vendors (such as Expedia, Orbitz, etc.). These packages do not provide separate hotel bills, and therefore are not reimbursable.

You may use internet vendors to purchase these items separately, provided all the charges are itemized. This means the airfare itinerary is listed, as well as the hotel charges by the day.