GSI and Reader Opportunities

For more information on Academic Student Employee policies, see here.

Summer 2024 Academic Student Employee Appointments

History Summer GSI & Reader positions: Interested applicants should have a background in History and/or related topics, and should have prior experience as a GSI/TA or Reader. Lecture Attendance is required for both GSI and Reader appointments. Please double-check that the course works with your schedule before applying for either a GSI or Reader appointment. If interested please submit an application via this link!

Spring 2024 Graduate Student Instructor Appointments

History GSI positions are 50% appointments. Interested applicants should have a background in History and/or topics related to the course, as well as prior experience as a TA/GSI or Reader. Ability to attend course lectures is required; please double-check that the course works with your schedule before applying.

Fall 2024 Readerships

History Readerships are 25%-38.5% appointments (reading for for a minimum of 35 students and maximum of 65 students). Interested applicants should have a background in History and/or topics related to the course. Ability to attend course lectures is required; please double-check that the course works with your schedule before applying.

To Apply

To apply for History Graduate Student Instructor positions, please complete this application.

To apply for History readerships, please complete this application.

You are welcome to apply to any/all pools.

Academic Student Employee (ASE) Information

Compensation and Benefits

ASEs who are graduate students with appointments in eligible titles that total 25% or more of full-time for the entire term are eligible to participate in the University’s Partial Fee Remission and Student Health Insurance Programs in accordance with the policies and provisions established for those programs. Students that are charged Professional School fees should be aware that this benefit of tuition remission does not cover any Professional School fees.

Information on the ASE salary scales can be found on the HR website.


1. Academic Standing: ASEs must be in good academic standing (i.e., must not be on academic probation or have had their degree candidacy lapse), have a minimum 3.1 grade-point average, and have no more than two Incomplete grades in upper division and graduate courses on the transcript.

2. Registration and Enrollment: Appointees must be UC students who are registered and enrolled in a least twelve units of coursework, unless already advanced to doctoral candidacy, during the semester in which they are serving as a GSI. Graduate students must be registered and enrolled in at least twelve units; and

3. Graduate Standing: Appointees must be UC graduate students. Only under very exceptional circumstances may a UC Berkeley undergraduate student be appointed to serve as a GSI, and advance approval of the appointment by Graduate Division is required in each case. UC Hastings College of the Law students may not be appointed as GSIs.

4. Disciplinary Probation: Appointees must be clear of certain disciplinary probations based on the Code of Student Conduct.

5. Oral English Proficiency: Students who do not speak English as a native language and do not hold a Bachelor’s degree from an institution in the United States must demonstrate oral English proficiency to be appointed as a GSI.

6. New ASE Orientation: All individuals whose GSI appointment is also their first ASE assignment must attend a New ASE Orientation sponsored by the Office of Labor Relations for the semester they have been appointed. If there is a failure to attend, individuals will not be eligible for ASE appointments in subsequent terms until they have attended this orientation.

7. 300-Level Pedagogy Seminar: All students appointed as GSIs must enroll in a 300-level seminar on teaching offered by the department in which they are teaching either concurrent with or prior to their first appointment as a GSI at Berkeley. These courses provide unit credit for preparation for teaching. History 375 is offered each spring and first time TAs can take this concurrently with their first appointment.

8. Teaching Conference: First-time GSIs must attend the Teaching Conference for First-Time GSIs, offered by the GSI Teaching and Resource Center each semester before classes begin. International GSIs appointed for the first time must also attend the Teaching Conference for First-Time International GSIs, offered in the fall semester before classes begin. Pedagogy is the focus of the conferences. 

9. Online Course: First-time GSIs must successfully complete an online course on professional standards and ethics in teaching before they may have contact with students, in person or online. To enroll in the online course, please see the GSI Teaching and Resource Center’s website. The full text of the Graduate Council’s Policy on Appointments and Mentoring of GSIs can be found here.