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The History Annual Fund supports various grants for undergraduate and graduate research projects. Read about undergraduate research experiences and graduate research experiences, or click on an image below. 

History Student Research Highlights

Fallon Burner

Learn about Fallon Burner’s experience as an undergraduate student conducting research in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, as well as Toronto and Québec City, Canada.

Jameson Karns

Learn about PhD candidate Jameson Karns’ experience researching wildfires around the world.

Nicholas Pingitore

Learn about undergraduate student Nicholas Pingitore’s experience conducting research in Havana, Cuba.

Christin Zurbach

Learn about PhD candidate Christin Zurbach's time conducting research in Turkey and Greece.

Donors play a critical role in sustaining and enhancing the teaching and research mission of Berkeley History.

The Department uses donor funds to support the following items:

  • Travel grants for undergraduates researching the material for their senior thesis project
  • Summer grants (for travel or language study) for graduate students
  • Dissertation write-up grants for PhD candidates
  • Grants for graduate students who are presenting papers or participating in job interviews
  • Equipment for the graduate computer lab
  • Prizes for the best dissertation and undergraduate thesis

Most importantly, unrestricted donor funds may support students in any field of study, so the Department can direct funding where it is most needed. This unrestricted funding enhances our multi-year financial package for students, allowing the Department to maintain a level of quality that has long been a hallmark of a Berkeley degree.

Please consider donating to the Department of History using the buttons above, or by visiting You may also mail checks, made payable to UC Berkeley Foundation. Please make sure to indicate "Dept of History" in the memo line or accompanying documentation. Mail checks to:

UC Berkeley Foundation - N7237
1995 University Ave.  Suite 400
Berkeley, CA  94704-1070

in order for the checks to be deposited to History, "Dept of History" must be included in the memo line or accompanying documentation.

Major gifts are handled by the Department Chair in cooperation with Donor & Gift Services.

Charter Hill Society 

 The members of the Charter Hill Society for the History Department are a community of committed donors who make a three-year pledge of $1,000 or more per year to the History  Annual Fund. Your support will ensure that Berkeley History students and faculty continue to do their best work, supporting cutting-edge research and outstanding teaching.

How to join

Make your three-year pledge.

For more information about joining the Charter Hill Society for the History Department,  email or fill out this form to hear back from one of our associates.

Why Join?

Charter Hill Society donors are making possible exciting directions in our graduate and undergraduate student academic and research experiences. Support from Charter Hill helps the Berkeley History Department sustain its excellence in all domains, ensuring that future generations of students continue to thrive and gain valuable experience in the ground breaking research that History faculty conduct. 

To make the most impact, consider sustaining the faculty & students of Berkeley History by joining the Charter Hill Society.

By making a three-year commitment of $1,000 or more to the History Annual Fund, you will join a group of generous donors and a network of people who care deeply about the future of our department and are committed to investing in the next generation of Cal History graduates.

What is the impact of my support?

  • Your support to the Annual Fund provides transformational support for our highest priorities in teaching and research

  • Your investment helps secure and improve the experience and support of our exceptional graduate students, undergraduates, and faculty.

  • You join a group of leaders in the community of UC Berkeley supporters

What are the benefits?

  • Stay engaged and informed about your investment in the History Department through email updates, meetings, and newsletters.

  • Participate in special programming for the History Department , as well as in events with Charter Hill members from around the College of Letters & Science. Recent lectures and events have featured Nobel Laureates and leading figures in sports, government, and entertainment.

  • Interact with our faculty and graduate students to learn more about our recent research discoveries.

  • Opportunities to network with fellow History alumni around the world.

To learn more about The Charter Hill Society for the History Department, please contact or fill out this form to hear back from one of our associates.