History Diversity Project

About the Project

The Department of History is excited to announce the creation of the History Diversity Project, our first-ever crowdfunding initiative.

The project, envisioned as an ongoing multi-year effort, will support and explore different kinds of diversity. For 2019-20, our theme is Women and Gender in History. Watch our video (at right) to learn more about some of the research already underway.

We are committed both to supporting diversity in historical scholarship, and to highlighting the importance of historical scholarship in making sense of the complex and contested concept of diversity itself. Diversity is fundamental to creating an equitable and inclusive academy, but without attention to the historical trajectories of social difference, and to the range of meanings that societies have attached to human difference over time, the concept of diversity remains indistinct and illegible. 

A gift to the History Diversity Project will raise money for three interlocking programs:  

  • HDP Speaker Series: featuring historians whose research engages critically with issues of diversity and inclusion, to support and enrich the ongoing scholarly conversation in our community.​
  • Undergraduate Research and Travel Funding: for seniors who are addressing issues of diversity and inclusion in their History 101 theses.
  • Graduate Research and Travel Funding: for grad students who are addressing issues of diversity and inclusion in their History dissertations.
The world around us cannot be understood without understanding the past. Please help us to better understand not only the distinctive pasts of diverse groups, and the categories of difference that have marginalized them, but also the ways those diverse pasts all contribute to our shared present.
Please support diversity in historical scholarship, and make a gift today
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History Diversity Project