Career Development & Diversity

Program Overview

The Department is excited to be a recipient of a Career Diversity Implementation Grant from the American Historical Association (AHA). Sarah Stoller, a sixth year graduate student, was appointed AHA Career Development Fellow and will be working with Erin Leigh Inama (staff Career Development Officer) and James Vernon (as the faculty Career Development Coordinator) to develop programing and resources to support career development and diversity for graduate students.

We strongly encourage grad students to consider their professional development for potential careers both within and beyond the academy at every stage of the program. Historically our graduate program has always prepared students for a wide range of career paths. The AHA has provided the most complete publicly available data we have on the many uses and careers made possible by a History PhD. For more information, see

Thinking about and planning for careers whether within or beyond academia can be overwhelming and uncertain. It is without a doubt, and for nearly everyone, an uneven and messy process. Acknowledging this reality, and realizing that you are in good company, is a great place to start. Check out this video on career exploration from Bill Lindstaedt of UCSF’s Office of Career and Professional Development. Herminia Ibarra talks about the profound identity changes that can accompany career transitions in this podcast. Berkeley's new wellness website recalibrate is another good place to turn if you are feeling overwhelmed or just looking for resources.

We hope that the resources assembled here will offer a starting point wherever you are in the career development process. We urge faculty, as much as students, to familiarize themselves with the wide array of resources and opportunities available both on campus and beyond for graduate student professional development. You may even find something helpful to your own career here!

Upcoming Events

Department events

In lieu of History 283, the department will host a series of lunchtime professional development workshops.  Please feel free to bring your lunch and join us 3401 Dwinelle from 12-2pm; cookies will be provided!  Graduate students outside of the department are welcome.

Monday, 4 March

Informational interviews and interviewing techniques with Phil Wolgin, PhD and Dana Landress
Related ecommended readings:

Monday, 18 March

Mental health with Amy Honigman, PhD and Sara Friedman
Related ecommended readings:
UC Berkeley's wellness website Recalibrate

Monday, 1 April

Quantitative literacy and resources with Prof. Caitlin Rosenthal and Ari Edmundson
Related ecommended readings:
Caitlin Rosenthal, "Seeking a quantitative middle ground: reflections on methods and opportunities in economic history." Journal of the Early Republic, 36, 4 (2016)
Isabel Cardenas-Navia and Brian K. Fitzgerald, "The Broad Application of Data Science and Analytics: Essential Tools for the Liberal Arts Graduate." BHEF Change, July/August 2015

Monday, 15 April

Grant writing with Prof. Vanessa Ogle and Sheer Ganor
Related ecommended readings:
Karen Kelsky, The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide to Turning your PhD into a Job (chapters 17, 51, and 52)

Monday, 29 April

Conferences and abstracts with Anthony Gregory
Related ecommended readings:
Karen Kelsky, The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide to Turning your PhD into a Job (chapters 19 and 20)

Campus events

In addition to our brown bag series, please mark your calendars for the campus events below!

Wednesday, 30 January

Beyond Academia's professional profile clinic. 5-7pm at Anna Head Alumnae Hall.

Friday, 22 February

"Historians at Work" panel, in association with the Global History Conference.  2:30-4pm in 3335 Dwinelle Hall.  No RSVP required.

Thursday, 28 February

Beyond Academia conference day 1.  History students seeking financial assistance to attend: please email

Friday, 1 March

Beyond Academia conference day 2.  History students seeking financial assistance to attend: please email