Pre-Modern Course List

Courses Satisfying the Pre-Modern Requirement

Note: This list may be incomplete. Contact the undergraduate advisor if you think a course is missing.

2 Ancient Empires
3 After the Roman Empire: The East
4A Origins of Western Civilization: Ancient
4B Origins of Western Civilization: Medieval
6A History of China: Origins to the Mongol Conquest
30A Science from Antiquity through Newton
100AP Special Topics in Ancient History: Augustine's City of God
100AP Art and Monuments as Sources for Pre-Modern European History
100AP Ancient Sicily: A Mediterranean Crossroads
100F Mongol Empire
105A Ancient Greece: Bronze Age and Archaic
105B Ancient Greece: Classical
105C Ancient Greece: Hellenistic Age
106A The Roman Republic
106B The Roman Empire
107D Topics in Ancient History: Roman Law
108 Byzantium
109A The Rise of Islamic Civilization, 600-1200
109B The Middle East, 1000-1750
111A Southeast Asia to the 18th Century
113A Traditional Korea
114A Medieval and Early Modern India to the Coming of the British
116A Early China
116B Tang-Song China
117A Chinese Popular Culture
117C Reading the Visual in Chinese History
117D The Chinese Body: Medicine and Health, Sex and Gender
118A Japan: Archaeological Period to 1800
149B Italy in the Age of Dante (1000-1350)
150A Medieval England: The Anglo-Saxon Period
150B Medieval England: From the Conquest to 1290
150C Later Medieval England, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
155A Medieval Europe: From the Late Empire to the Investiture Conflict
155B Medieval Europe: From the Investiture Conflict to the Fifteenth Century
156A History of Christian Thought, 200-600 A.D.
156B Medieval Intellectual History, c. 1050-1270
171A Russia to 1700
C175A Jewish Civilization: Middle Ages
177A Armenia from Ethnogenesis to the Dark Ages
185A History of Christianity: Beginnings to ca. 1250
C188C Magic, Religion, and Science: The Ancient and Medieval Worlds