Undergraduate Advising

Major Advising

Cassandra Castillo is the Department's undergraduate advisor and is available to assist students with a wide variety of questions and issues that come up in relation to the major. These include but are not limited to: declaring the major; assessing progress in the major; declaring a field of concentration; the 101 process; administrative concerns; graduation; information on courses; options for independent study; researching graduate programs and enrichment opportunities; and referral to other campus offices.

RRR Week, Finals Week, and Summer 2023 Advising Schedule

Advising is now being hosted by appointment only.  Please email history-undergradadvisor@Berkeley.edu to schedule an appointment!

Faculty Advising

Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to meet with faculty during office hours to discuss their classes, thoughts about fields of concentration and thesis topics, and any other questions related to their academic pursuits in History.  

Minor Advising

For minor advising, click here.