The Chronology of Faculty Appointments of Women, 1958-1999

Year appointed


Year of departure

Subsequent Vita

Title if current faculty

1958 Adrienne Koch 1965 Assumed a position at the University of Maryland (1971 deceased).
1971 Natalie Zemon Davis 1978 Assumed a position at Princeton University.
1972 Diane Shaver Clemens 2006 Retired (2016 deceased).
1974 Paula S. Fass 2010 Retired.
1974 Lynn Avery Hunt 1987 Assumed a position at the University of Pennsylvania.
1978 Mary Elizabeth Berry 2017 Retired.
1981 Paula Fredriksen 1986 Assumed a position at Boston University.
1981 Susanna I. Barrows 2010 Retired (2010 deceased).
1982 Linda Lewin 2011 Retired.
1987 Mary P. Ryan 2004 Retired.
1987 Wen-Hsin Yeh Professor
1988 Susanna Elm Professor
1988 Robin L. Einhorn 2018 Retired.
1989 Carla Hesse Professor
1989 Margaret Lavinia Anderson 2010 Retired.
1991 Tabitha Kanogo Professor
1992 Margaret Chowning Professor
1996 Cathryn Carson Professor
1998 Leslie Peirce 2007 Assumed a position at NYU.
2000 Michael Nylan Professor
2001 Jennifer Spear 2008 Assumed a position at Simon Fraser University.
2001 Maria Mavroudi Professor
2003 Kathleen Frydl 2011
2003 Rebecca McLennan
Associate Professor
2003 Maureen Miller Professor
2005 Victoria Frede-Montemayor
Associate Professor
2005 Emily Mackil
Associate Professor
2006 Abena Dove Osseo-Asare 2014 Assumed a position at the University of Texas at Austin.
2006 Prachi Deshpande 2010 Assumed a position at the Center for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta.
2013 Janaki Bakhle
Associate Professor
2013 Caitlin Rosenthal
Assistant Professor
2013 Elena Schneider
Associate Professor
2014 Stephanie Jones-Rogers
Associate Professor
2015 Rebecca Herman
Assistant Professor
2015 Sandra Eder
Assistant Professor
2015 Christine Philliou
Associate Professor
2016 Diliana Angelova
Associate Professor
2017 Vanessa Ogle
Associate Professor
2018 Ronit Stahl
Assistant Professor
2020 Bernadette Pérez
Assistant Professor

Faculty by Gender and Year

These counts, of individuals rather than FTEs, are derived from the faculty lists that appear in UC Berkeley's General Catalogs (available online via the Digital Collections of the Berkeley Library). They include only active members of the ladder faculty, excluding emeriti and recalled faculty. They also exclude colleagues who held 0% FTE appointments in the department. The fall in the totals between 1990 and 1995 reflects the impact of the Very Early Retirement Incentive Programs conducted at UC in 1991, 1992, and 1993.

The Chronology of faculty appointments by gender and year