AJ Solovy

PhD Candidate

Late Modern Europe

I am a historian of modern Europe and twentieth-century Germany. My research engages with mass violence and its aftermath, illiberal political movements and ideologies, and anti-Semitism. I am currently writing a dissertation entitled “Nazis After Hitler: An Experiential History of SS Members in the Postwar World, 1950-2010.” This study explores how former SS members living in West Germany, Austria, and throughout the world formed a sense of self and of history without the cultural, social, political, ideological, temporal, and economic infrastructures provided by the Third Reich. By tracing how ex-SS members imagined and reimagined their past, present, and future, my study reflects on the psychological experience of defeat,  and identifies the aspects of National-Socialism that held enduring appeal to its adherents across the threshold of 1945.  I maintain an additional research interest in the history of medicine, specifically eugenics, race science, and psychiatry.

Research Interests:

Modern Europe; Modern Germany; Fascism; European Jewish History; Racism and Anti-Semitism; Cultural and Intellectual History; Transnational History.


MA in History, University of Vienna (2019)

BA in History and English, Williams College (2015)