AJ Solovy

PhD Candidate

Late Modern Europe

I am a historian of modern Europe and twentieth-century Germany. My research engages with mass violence and its aftermath, illiberal political movements and ideologies, and anti-Semitism. I am currently writing a dissertation entitled “Nazis After Hitler: An Experiential History of SS Veterans in the Postwar World, 1950-2010.” This study explores how SS veterans living in West Germany, Austria, and throughout the world formed a sense of self and of history without the cultural, social, political, ideological, temporal, and economic infrastructures provided by the Third Reich. By tracing how SS members imagined and reimagined their past, present, and future, my study reflects on the psychological experience of defeat and identifies the aspects of National-Socialism that held enduring appeal to its adherents across the threshold of 1945.  I maintain an additional research interest in the history of medicine, specifically eugenics, race science, and psychiatry.

Research Interests:

Modern Europe; Modern Germany; Fascism, Authoritarianism, and the Extreme Right; European Jewish History; Racism and Anti-Semitism; Temporality; Cultural and Intellectual History; Transnational History.

Awards & Fellowships

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Doctoral Research Fellowship  (2021-2022)

Austria Marshall Fund Foundation Berkeley-Austria Research Fellowship (2021)

United States Fulbright Commission Austria Combined Grant (2016-17)

German Historical Institute Fritz Thyssen Pre-Dissertation Fellowship (2019, 2020)

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, UC Berkeley (2021)                                                                   


MA in History, UC Berkeley (2021)

MA in History, University of Vienna (2019)

BA in History and English, Williams College (2015)