Annabel LaBrecque

PhD Student

North America

Annabel LaBrecque is a PhD candidate studying North American history with an emphasis on Indigenous history. Her research focuses on the significance of salt in understanding Indigenous power and Euro-American colonization. 

Research Interests

  • Native American history 
  • Settler colonialism
  • Environmental history
  • Resource extraction 
  • Labor and production
  • Gender
  • Archaeology

Awards and Fellowships

2022-2023 Phillips Fund for Native American Research awardee - American Philosophical Society

2022 SURF-SMART Research Mentoring Fellow - UC Berkeley Graduate Division

2021 John L. Simpson Pre-Dissertation Fellowship - UC Berkeley Global, International, and Area Studies

2021 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award - UC Berkeley Graduate Division


"Salt and Deep History in the Ohio Country," Common-Place: The Journal of Early American Life (January 18, 2022)

"'The Great Necessity': Salt and Power in the Late Mississippian Native South," Scottish Centre for Global History (March 1, 2021)