Undergraduate Courses

Spring 2019 Courses

Berkeley Connect

98.BC.001 — Berkeley Connect for Lower Division Students (Thomas Dandelet)

198BC.001 — Berkeley Connect for Upper Division Students (Thomas Dandelet)

198BC.002 — Berkeley Connect for Upper Division Students (Thomas Dandelet)

198BC.003 — Berkeley Connect for Upper Division Students (Thomas Dandelet)

R1B — Reading & Composition

R1B.001 — Reading and Composition in History: Refugees in global perspective 1945-2018 (Agnieszka Smelkowska)

R1B.002 — Writing, Documents, and Manuscript Culture in the Ancient World (Benjamin C. Daniels)

R1B.003 — Flourishing Merchants and Impoverished Samurai: Early Modern Japan, 1600-1868

R1B.004 — Evolution and Progress (David I. Delano)

Lower Division

4B — Origins of Western Civilization: Medieval Europe (Maureen C. Miller)

6B — Introduction to Chinese History from the Mongols to Mao (Wen-hsin Yeh)

7B — The United States from Civil War to Present (Rebecca M. McLennan)

8B — Modern Latin America (Elizabeth B. Schwall)

24 — Chinese Utopias and Dystopias, in Film and Print (Michael Nylan)

39A  — Africa and the Humanitarians (Bruce Stewart Hall)

39V — Science, Environment and European Colonialism (Angelo Matteo Caglioti)

39W — Warfare in the Middle Ages (Geoffrey Koziol)

39X — Fiction and the Historical Imagination: Modern Egypt from 1919 to the Arab Spring (Archana Gubbi Prakash)

39Y — Well-Behaved Women Making History: Accessing Women's Lives from the Ancient Sources (Diliana Angelova)

39Z — Life in Early Modern Japan: Culture and Connections (Christoffer R Bovbjerg)

84 (Sophomore Seminar) — Algorithmic Life: The Social Impact of Automation (Massimo Mazzotti)

Upper Division

100B.001 — Jews of France and the Francophone World (Ethan B. Katz)

100B.002 — The History of Portuguese Overseas Expansion

100D.002 — Staging the American City: A Cultural History of Broadway, 1800–Present (David Henkin, Shannon Steen)

100D.004 — American Religious History: Saints and Sinners, Seekers and Cynics (Ronit Y. Stahl)

100S — Climate and History: Intersecting Science, Environment, and Society (Angelo Matteo Caglioti)

100U — Global Society: International Organizations, NGOs, and Social Movements in the 20th Century (Vanessa Ogle)

100AP — Democracy in Ancient Greece (Emily M. Mackil)

106B — The Roman Empire (Carlos Noreña)

109C — The Middle East From the 18th Century to the Present (Archana Prakash)

114B — India: Modern South Asia

117A — Chinese Popular Culture (J. Brooks Jessup)

117C — Reading the Visual in Chinese History (Michael Nylan)

118C — Empire and Alienation: The 20th Century in Japan (Christoffer R. Bovbjerg)

122AC — Antebellum America: The Advent of Mass Society (Sarah Gold McBride)

124B — The United States from World War II to the Present (Daniel M. Robert)

125A — History of African-Americans and Race Relations in the United States (Waldo E. Martin)

133A — The History of American Capitalism (Caitlin C. Rosenthal)

133B — Wall Street / Main Street (Mark Brilliant, Steven M. Soloman)

134B — The Age of the City: The 20th Century to the Present (Jennifer R. Terry)

135B — Encounter & Conquest in Indigenous America (Brian DeLay)

137AC — The (Re)Peopling of America: Immigrants and Immigration as U.S. History (Brendan A. Shanahan)

140B — Modern Mexico (Margaret Chowning)

156C — The State in the Middle Ages (Geoffrey Koziol)

160 — The International Economy of the 20th Century (Andrej Milivojevic)

162C — World War II (Andrew E. Barshay, John Connelly)

164A — The Birth of Modern Thought: European Intellectual History, 1500-1800 (Jonathan Sheehan)

167C — Germany, 1914 to the Present (Isabel Richter)

171C — The Soviet Union, 1917 to the Present (Joseph M. Kellner)

182A — Science, Technology, and Society (Massimo Mazzotti)

182AT — Science, Technology, and Society (Cal Teach)

C184D — Human Contexts and Ethics of Data- History/STS (Cathryn Carson)

185A — History of Christianity to 1250 (Susanna Elm)

186 — International and Global History Since 1945 (Matthew G. Specter)

190 — Soccer: A Global History (James Vernon)