Jonathan Andrew Lear

PhD Candidate

Late Modern Europe; East Asia: Japan

Research Interests

  • Modern Japan
  • Modern Germany
  • History of Nuclear Energy
  • Comparative, Transnational, and Global History
  • Futurology and Temporality

Publications & Presentations

“Past Futures of Japanese Atomic Power: Civilization, Temporality, and Takahashi Minoru’s Energy Theory of Value,” Modern Japan History Workshop, University of Tokyo, January 2019

“The Present Past of Japanese Atomic Power: Backwardness and its Historical Context,” Governing the Nuclear Order Graduate Student Workshop, Paris Descartes University, Paris, June 2018

 “Splitting the Atom, Fusing the Nation: Japan and West Germany in the Atomic Age,” Der Kreis: Working Group for German History and Culture, University of California Berkeley, May 2018

“The Present Pasts and Past Futures of Japanese Atomic Power,” 26th Annual Graduate Student Conference on East Asia, Columbia University, February 2017

“Nihon ni okeru genshiryoku kaihatsu no rekishiteki mondai” [Historical Problems in the Development of Nuclear Power in Japan], Nuclear Safety Research Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tōkai-mura, Japan, August 2016

Awards & Fellowships

SSRC Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship Program, 2019

Fulbright U.S. Student Program Graduate Student Fellowship (Japan), 2018-2019

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Doctoral Fellowship, 2018-2019 (declined)

FLAS Academic Year Fellowship (Chinese), 2017-2018                

Berkeley-Cologne Pre-Dissertation Research Grant, Summer 2017

UC Berkeley Center for Japanese Studies Graduate Student Fellowship, Summer 2017

FLAS Academic Year Fellowship (German), 2016-2017    

UC Berkeley Institute of International Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grant, Summer 2016

FLAS Academic Year Fellowship (Japanese), 2015-2016               

Phi Beta Kappa Honors, March 2010