Brian DeLay Speaks on Panel Addressing the 2nd Amendment

September 23, 2019

On September 16th, Associate Professor Brian DeLay spoke on a panel titled “The 2nd Amendment: American Society’s Interpretation Across Time", at the Free Speech Movement Café in Moffitt Library. The panel, which also included Franklin Zimring, Professor of law, Paul Pierson, Professor of political science , and moderator Hannah Shearer, Litigation Director at Giffords Law Center, debated current issues around the Second Amendement from legal, historical, and political science perspectives. Today, Berkeley News featured an article about the event, titled "Guns, the NRA, and myths: 5 surprising things we learned from the UC Berkeley Library’s expert panel on the Second Amendment", highlighting some of the essential questions of the evening's panel, such as "Was the Second Amendment meant to protect an individual’s rights to a gun?"

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Berkeley News