Hearst Exhibit Curated by Students of HIST 103: "Well Behaved Women"

May 19, 2021

A new virtual exhibit is live at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology, designed by the students of Dilliana Angelova’s seminar, "Well Behaved Women." Viewers can explore 16 featured objects and student perspectives in the virtual exhibit titled “Rediscovering Ancient Women: Fragments of Their Lives from the Mediterranean Collections at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology.

From the exibit introduction:
“This exhibit draws on the collections of the Hearst Museum of Anthropology and was designed by the students in HIST 103 “Well-behaved Women,” Professor Angelova’s Spring 2021 undergraduate seminar in the History Department. It showcases the centrality of visual and material evidence in reconstructing the lives of ancient Mediterranean women. The images and objects in the exhibit–Greek vases, Etruscan figurines, Greek and Roman coins, an Egyptian funerary portrait, and Egyptian textiles–originate for the most part from burial grounds and votive deposits in Etruria and Egypt. These objects testify to the work and religious roles of ordinary women, the privileges of wealthy matrons in life and death, widespread ideas about femininity, the symbolic power of queens and empresses, and to the enduring allure of the female form and face for ancient Mediterranean viewers.”

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to view "Redisovering Ancient Women."