Anthony Adamthwaite

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D., University of Leeds

B.A., University of Durham

Other advanced studies: London School of Economics; the Sorbonne

Research Interests

My field is international history as well as late modern Europe. International history is what used to be known in the US as diplomatic history, largely (and wrongly) understood as the story of wars and treaties. European historians, especially France's Pierre Renouvin, reinvented it, enlarging and redefining it as the study of the history of international relations in the broadest sense-addressing not only inter-state relations but exchanges between peoples, transnational issues and agencies.


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Papers & Articles

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Organized international conference "Mars vs.Venus: America, Europe and the Future of the West", April 2006, hosted by IES and IIS.

Keynote address " The Spanish Civil War- ideological battleground of a European civil war?", international conference "Democractic powers and the Right in interwar Europe", University of Salford UK, June 2006

"The internationalization of the Spanish Civil War", paper for the seventieth anniversary international conference, Madrid, November 2006

 Keynote lecture, "Twentieth Century Change and Modern Identities", Symposium , University of Navarra, Pamplona, 9 May 2007