David G. Johnson

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

pre-modern Chinese non-elite culture, including popular religion and ritual, popular performing arts, popular literature both secular and religious, popular iconography, and vernacular architecture, especially in North China.


A.B., Harvard College

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Representative Publications

Domesticated Deities and Auspicious Emblems: The Iconography of Everyday Life in Village China, co-authored with Po Sung-nien (Berkeley: Chinese Popular Culture Project, 1992).

"The City-God Cults of T'ang and Sung China," Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 45:2 (December, 1985), pp.363-457.

"Mu-lien in Pao-chjian: The Performance Context and Religious Meaning of the Yu-ming pao-ch'uan," in Ritual and Sculpture in Chinese Popular Religion, Five Studies, ed. David G. Johnson (Berkeley: Chinese Popular Culture Project, 1995).