Eugene F. Irschick

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D., University of Chicago, History, 1964

M.A., University of Pennsylvania, South Asia Regional Studies, 1959

B.A. Honors in History, minor in Religion and Greek, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA., 1955

School education at Kodaikanal School, Kodaikanal; Graduated in 1951

Employment History

University of California, Berkeley Professor of History 1978-present
University of California, Berkeley Associate Professor History 1969-1978

University of California, Berkeley Assistant Professor, History 1964-1969

University of Chicago Acting Instructor Indian civilization course 1960-1961

Fellowships & Scholarships

Rockefeller Grantee, University of Pennsylvania, 1957-59

Ford Foundation Grantee, University of Chicago, 1959-60

Carnegie Foundation Grantee, University of Chicago, 1960-61

Foreign Area Training Fellowship, 1961-64, India, England, University of Chicago

American Council of Learned Societies, Summer Grantee, 1966, London

American Institute of Indian Studies, Madras, India, 1967-68, (Rupees)

American Council of Learned societies, Summer Grantee, 1969, London

American Institute of Indian Studies, Senior Fellowship, Madurai, 1971-72, declined

Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship, Madurai, 1971-72 (Rupees)

ACLS/SSRC S. Asia Fellowship, 1975-76
American Institute of Indian Studies, 3 months, 1979 (Rupees)

Fulbright, (Institute for the International Exchange of Persons), three months, 1980 (Rupees)

American Philosophical Society, 1982 summer
Humanities Institute, University of California, 1985

American Institute of Indian Studies, ten months, 1985-6 (Rupees)

Fulbright, (Institute for the International Exchange of Persons), five months, 1989 (Rupees)

Fulbright, (Institute for the International Exchange of Persons) 4 months, 1993. (Rupees) Declined

American Institute of Indian Studies, 6 months, 1993.
Fulbright-Hays Fellowship, July - December 1996.


History 9C

History 11

History 114B: Modern South Asia

History 103F: Formulating Women's Lives (Fall 2005)

History 103F: The Conquest of India (Fall 2007)

History 101: The Postcolonial Moment

History 280F: The Postcolonial Moment (Spring 2006)

History 100: India on Film (Summer 2006)

History 114A: Medieval and Early Modern India (Fall 2006)

Personal Information

Born: Kodaikanal, Madurai District, Tamil Nad, India, in 1934

Languages: Tamil, Telugu, French, German


Politics and Social Conflict in South India, the Non-Brahman Movement and Tamil Separatism, 1916-1929. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1969

Tamil Revivalism in the 1930s. Madras: Crea Publications, 1986.

Dialogue and History: Constructing South India, 1795-1895, University of California Press, 1994.


"Dravidianism in South Indian Politics," in Sjoberg, ed., Symposium on Dravidian Civilization, pp. 147-169. (Austin: Jenkins Publishing Company, 1971).

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"Gandhian non-violent Protest," Economic and Political Weekly (July 19, 1986) XXI: 29 pp. 1276-1285.

"Order and Disorder in Colonial South India," Modern Asian Studies (July, 1989) 23: 3, pp. 459-492.

Conference Papers

"The Effect of Religious and Caste Dispute on the Politicization of 19th Century Tamil Nad," at the Conference of Indian Historians, University of Minnesota, May 30, 1969.

"Problems and Prospects for Modern South Indian History," Society for the Study of South India, Madison, Wisconsin, April 5, 1970.

"The Kingship of Gandhi: Transactions and Redistribution in the Tamilnad Harijan Tour, 1933-34," presented at the Conference on Authority and Kingship in South Asia, Leiden, July, 1976.

"Politics of Town and Country in 20th Century Tamilnad," presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Asian Studies, New York, March, 1977.

"Order and Disorder in Eighteenth Century South India," Association of Asian Studies, March 1983.

"To Fix the Inhabitants in their Respective Villages," Association of Asian Studies, March 1992.

"Body and Soul and Means of Social Communication, " Association of Asian Studies,Washington,April, 1994.

"From Geographic Space to Epistemic Site," American Anthropological Association, Atlanta, Dec. 1994

"Women's Bodies as Epistemic Sites," Pacific Coast Meetings of British Studies, Los Angeles, 30 March 1996.

"The Construction of Artistic Categories," College Art Association meetings, New York, 14 February 1997.

Review Articles

Christopher J. Baker, The Politics of South India, in Modern Asian Studies, 11:4 (October, 1977) pp. 627-632.

Other Lectures

"La Création de l'Ethnicité en Inde"

"Les Buts du Séparatisme Tamoul"

"La Rélation Entre le Mouvement Nationaliste Indien et le Mouvement Séparatiste chez les Tamouls"