Thomas W. Laqueur

Helen Fawcett Professor of History Emeritus


Swarthmore College, 1963-67, B.A. (Hons. Philosophy)

Princeton University, 1967-68, M.A. (with distinction 1969)

Princeton University, 1969-71, Ph.D. (1973)

Nuffield College, Oxford University (1971-73)

Research Interests

Britain since 1509: social, history of medicine

Teaching Experience

Instructor in Social Sciences, Concord College, Athens, West Virginia, 1968-69

Assistant, Associate, Full Professor of History, Fawcett Endowed Professorship, University of California, Berkeley, 1973-

Director, Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities, UCB, 1992-95, Acting Director, 2003-2004

Honors, Awards, Selected Endowed Lectures

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1967-68

Princeton University Fellowship, 1969-71

Nuffield College, Oxford, Studentship, 1971-73

Berkeley Institute for International Studies Grant and Regents' Junior Faculty Fellowship, 1973-76

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, 1976-77, 1990-1991

American Council of Learned Societies Training Fellow (Medicine), 1980-81; Senior Fellowship, 1983, 1990-91 (both declined)

Director, NEH Summer Seminar, 1982

Lowe Prize of the North American Conference on British Studies for the best article in the field of British Studies, 1983

Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in the Humanities, 1983-84

Directeur des Etudes, Ecole Des Hautes Etudes, Paris, 1989

Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, 1990-91

Frehling Visiting Professorship, Institute for the Humanities, University of Michigan, Oct-Nov., 1990

Distinguished Visiting Humanist, Northwestern University Center for the Humanities, May 1993

Ashworth Lecturer, University of Melbourne, July 1993

Hearst Professor of English, Washington University, St. Louis, Spring semester 1995

Kreisel Lecturer, University of Alberta, Spring 1998

Darwin Lecture, Cambridge University, Spring 1999

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Science, 1999-

Berglund Senior Fellow, National Humanities Center, 2000-2001

Frankel Lecturer, Free University of Berlin, Dec. 2001

Open Society Grant, 2002-2003

Guest of the Rektor, Wissenschafts Kolleg zu Berlin, Nov-Dec 2003

Fellow, Council for the Humanities, Princeton University, Fall 2004

Member, Historical School, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, Spring 2005

Editorial Boards and Other Editorial Projects:

Representations (co-chair of editorial board); Sexualities; Cambridge University Press series on social theory; Daedalus: The Journal of the American Academy; Social Anthropology; Gramma: Journal of Theory and Criticism; PEN Non Fiction Prize Committee; Phi Beta Kappa Emerson Prize Committee; Los Angeles Times History Prize Committee; Board, National Humanities Center


Religion and Respectability: Sunday Schools and Working Class Culture, 1780-1850 (Yale University Press, 1976)

Catherine Gallagher and Thomas Laqueur, edited with introduction, The Making of the Modern Body (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press 1987)

Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud (Harvard University Press, 1990).(French translation with new introduction, Gallimard, 1992; German translation, Campus Verlag, 1992; Italian, Laterza, 1992; Spanish 1994; Swedish, 1995; Portuguese, Lisbon 1997, Brazil 1998; Japanese 1998; Chinese, 1999; Rumanian, 1999, Korean 2000; Hungarian, 2002; Greek 2004).

Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation (ZONE BOOKS, 2003) translation in French (2005 Gallimard, with new introduction), Polish (2005) Spanish (2006), Italian (2006); Greek (2006) Turkish (2006), Chinese (abridged by author) and Japanese in progress.

The Work of the Dead: A Cultural History of Mortal Remains (Princeton University Press, 2015)


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Longer Reviews, Review Essays, Responses, and Occasional Writings

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"In and Out of the Pantheon," (review of Avner Ben-Amos, Funerals, Politics, and Memory in Modern France, 1789-1996 and Neil McWilliam, Monumental Intolerance: Jean Baffier, a Nationalist Sculptor in Fin-de-Sičcle FranceLondon Review of Books 20 September, 2001

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Short Reviews

One hundred twenty plus short reviews in the American Historical Review, English Historical Review, Albion, Social History of Medicine, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Isis, Journal of Social History, Victorian Studies, School Review, History Teacher, Renaissance Quarterly, Journal of the British Medical Association, Journal of Library History, Journal of Modern History, Eighteenth Century Studies, Slate, Social History, Taxon, Nineteenth Century Contexts, The San Jose Mercury, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post.

Professor Emeritus Thomas Laqueur


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