Moving and Relocation


You can use the financial coordinator’s information to receive quotes from UC contracted moving companies (Karen Shuker,, (510) 642-1488). Please send the financial coordinator any quotes that you receive and let them know which company you intend to hire. The financial coordinator will submit a request for a purchase order so that UCB pays the moving supplier directly. 

UC Berkeley has several contracted suppliers for household moving, and relocation services:

  • UniGroup
  • Chipman Corporation- Supplier Contact:
  • Mayflower
  • North American Van Lines Inc.
  • Alex Moving and Services
  • Wheaton Van Lines, Inc.
  • Suddath Relocations Systems

Please make sure that the movers separate the costs for your professional library from the rest of your personal items in separate invoices. While the cost of moving your personal belongings will count towards your taxable income for the year, the cost of moving your professional library will not. You can add seperate stops on your move so that your professional libraries are delivered to your office on campus.

Please note that per UC policy

Moving expenses include packing, crating, transporting, unpacking, and uncrating household goods and personal effects.

Insurance for household goods while in transit for up to 30 days is covered.

All costs must be normal and reasonable, and all payments are based on actual expenses incurred. 

The following items are not eligible for UC payment:

Assembly, disassembly, removal, and installation of unusual items. For example: swing set, swimming pool, hot tub, satellite dish, storage shed, artwork.

Transporting animals, except those normally permitted in a residence

Kenneling/boarding pets or other animals.

Shipping recreational vehicles. For example: boat, kayak, canoe, airplane, snowmobile, jet ski, camper.

Moving building supplies, farm equipment, firewood, plants, or foodstuffs (canned, frozen, or bulk).

Airfare, rental car, or lodging expenses paid with vouchers or rewards.

Moving costs associated with secondary (not primary) residence.

Travel costs or service compensation for non-professional moving help. For example: family members or friends.

Rental car insurance.

Fuel for rental car or personal vehicle after arriving in the Bay Area.

Repair or enhancements to the former or new residence.

Property taxes, security deposits, monthly rent, or mortgage payments.

Relocation to UC Berkeley

While the cost of moving your possessions can be paid directly by UCB, you will need to pay for you and your family’s travel to the Bay Area and seek reimbursement for your expenses. 

Please note that per UC policy—

One-way air travel must be coach class, no upgrades or higher cost services

Meals while en route are capped at $62 per day per person and require itemized receipts to be reimbursed.

If you’re driving your personal vehicle, you can be reimbursed for mileage based on IRS rates, adjusted annually. If your personal vehicle is shipped and you need to rent a car, your rental is limited to intermediate size. Mileage is calculated by entering the distance between your departure destination and final destination into Google maps. Tolls, parking, and lodging on route are also reimbursable. However, your room rate is not to exceed $275 per night and UCB requires that you must drive at least 300 miles per day to be eligible for lodging reimbursement.

Costs to transport household pets are allowable, but not kenneling or boarding expenses.

Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days of the move and must include supporting documentation, such as receipts, quotes, cost comparisons, invoices, currency conversions, and corresponding approvals