Tabitha Kanogo



PhD, University of Nairobi

Research Interests

History of Africa:

  • Kenya
  • Social
  • Cultural
  • Women's and colonial history
  • Childhood and youth

Representative Publications

Squatters and the Roots of Mau Mau (James Currey London; Heinemann, Kenya: Ohio University Press, U.S.A.) 1987.

"Women and Politics of Protest: Mau Mau," in Images of Women in Peace and War, MacMillan, 1987. Edited by S. Ardener, S. Macdonald and P. Holden. Providence/Oxford: Berg.

"Kenya During the Depression, 1929-39" in A Modern History of Kenya, 1895-1980. Edited by W.R. Ochieng' (Nairobi and London, Evans Brother, 1989).

"Mission Impact on Women in Colonial Kenya" in Women and Missions: Past and Present, Anthropological and Historical Perceptions. Edited by F. Bowie, D. Kirkwood and S. Ardener, Berg Publishers, Providence/Oxford, 1993.

"The Co-operative Movement" in Themes in Kenyan History. Edited by W.R. Ochieng' (Kenya, Heinemann, James Currey, London, 1990).

"Women's Movement and Visions in Kenya: What Lessons from the Past?" in Alternatives: Women's Visions and Movements, Vol. II, Edited by Neuma Aguiar, Dawn, Rio De Janiero, 1991.

"Women and the Environment in History" in Groundwork: African Women as Environmental Managers. Edited by Shanyisa R. Khasiani, ACTS Press, Nairobi, 1992).

with R.M. Maxon, "Co-operatives" in An Economic History of Kenya. Edited by W.R. Ochieng and R.M. Maxon, East African Educational Publishers, Nairobi, 1992.

"Colonialism and Gender: Depiction and Control of African Women" in Ripensare La Storia Coloniale, Orientalia Karalitana, Numero 2 — Decembre 1993. Edited by Bianca Maria Carangiu, Instituto Di Studi Africani e Orientali, Cagliari, Italy.

African Womanhood in Colonial Kenya, 1900–1950. Oxford: James Currey Publishers; Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press; Nairobi: East African Educational Publishers, 2005.

“Mau Mau Women: Sixty Years Later.” War and Women across Continents: Autobiographical and Biographical Experiences. Shirley Ardener, Fiona Armitage-Woodward and Lidia Dina Schiama (eds.) Brooklyn, NY; Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2016, pp. 75-93.

Wangari Maathai. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2020.

Tabitha Kanogo


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