101 Thesis Database

The Thesis Library

The Department maintains a History 101 Thesis Library in 3229 Dwinelle Hall for student access. The library holds all papers with High Honors and Highest Honors designations dating back to 2005. Due to library capacity limitations, papers designated either Honors or Non-Honors are purged after five years.

Guidelines for Reviewing Theses

When you come to review a particular thesis, please have your Cal ID with you and plan to stay in the History Department office while you review the paper, as theses are not to leave the office. Although a paper directory of theses is available in the office, it is recommended that you identify the theses you would like to review beforehand using the online database

While you are encouraged to take hand-written notes, theses may not be photocopied, photographed, or marked up in any way.

Spot An Error?

If you notice an error or omission in the thesis database, email history-office@berkeley.edu.