Wen-hsin Yeh


Richard H. and Laurie C. Morrison Chair Professor & Distinguished Professor of History


BA, National Taiwan University

PhD, UC Berkeley

Research Interests

East Asia: late imperial and modern China, Taiwan and Maritime East Asia

Representative Publications

"Shanghai Splendor" by Wen-hsin Yeh Shanghai Splendor: Economic Sentiments and the Making of Modern China, 1843-1949 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008).
"Provincial Passages" by Wen-hsin Yeh Provincial Passages: Culture, Space, and the Origins of Chinese Communism, 1919-1927 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996).
The China Quarterly, Dec. 1994 "Middle County Radicals: The May Fourth Movement in Zhejiang," The China Quarterly no. 140 (December 1994), pp.903-925
"The Alienated Academy" by Wen-hsin Yeh The Alienated Academy: Culture and Politics in Republican China, 1919-1937 (Council on East Asian Publications, Harvard University Press, 1990).
Professor Wen-hsin Yeh


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