Russell L. Weber

PhD Candidate

North America


"American Feeling: Political Passions and Affective Identity in the Revolutionary Era, 1754-1798"

Awards & Fellowships

George H. Guttridge Prize for British or American Colonial History, University of California, Berkeley (2023)

Massachusetts Historical Society Fellow (2022)

Michael Kraus Research Grant, American Historical Association (2019)

Lewis Walpole Library Fellow (2018-2019)

Virginia Historical Society Mellon Fellow (2018-2019)

UC Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (2018)

UC Berkeley Graduate Division Summer Grant (2018, 2016)

Publications & Presentations


“‘What a Sweet Morsel’: Shared Meals and Affective Bonds among Massachusetts Provincials during the Seven Years’ War.” The Beehive. Massachusetts Historical Society.

“God is Forgotten, and the Soldier Slighted: New York City’s Golden Hill and Nassau Street Riots and the Affective Rhetorics of Crowd Violence” in Gotham: A Blog for Scholars of New York City, published by the CUNY Graduate Center’s Gotham Center. January 28, 2021.

“Anarchy at the Alamo: The Creation of a 21st Century American Punk-Western in Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher” in “I’m Just a Comic Boy”: Essays on the Intersection of Comics and Punk, eds. Christopher B. Field, et al. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company Inc, 2019.

“Excavating an American Republic: An Analysis of John Adams’s Use of the Classics in his Defence of the Constitutions of the United States.” Past Tense: Graduate Review of History 3, 1 (2015): 1-22.


“Demystifying the Classroom:” Berkeley Connect Academic Forum. University of California, Berkeley: Undergraduate Education. Berkeley, California. September 29, 2023.

“‘The Love of our Country’: Passion, Propaganda, and Patriotic Treason on the Eve of America’s Revolution” at "Becoming Americans: Shattuck Colonial American History Symposium"; California State University, Sacramento; Sacramento, California. March 5, 2022.

“Affective Sincerity, Affective Silence, and the Problem of Political Emotions in Revolutionary America” at the Colonial Society of Massachusetts’s Graduate Student Forum; Boston, Massachusetts; June 11, 2021.

“‘God is Forgotten, and the Soldier Slighted’: Rhetorical Passions and Political Violence during New York’s Quartering Crisis” at “Foundations of Independence,” Iona College’s Institute for Thomas Paine Studies; New Rochelle, New York; September 26, 2020.

“Adapting Academic Pedagogy for Remote Discussion Sections,” University of California, Berkeley, Department of History’s Forum on Remote Teaching; Berkeley, California; August 3, 2020.

“‘I Pray God Give Us Better Hearts’: Rhetorical Passions and Political Identity during the Stamp Act Crisis” at “Emotions in Conflict,” University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Canada; October 4, 2019.

“To Feel a Need of Union: Passion, Patriotism, and the Rhetoric of Ratification” at “Rights and Wrongs: A Constitution and Citizenship Conference,” San Francisco State University; San Francisco, CA; September 16, 2019.

“Feeling British, Becoming American: Patriotic Grief, Political Identity, and the Legacy of General James Wolfe” at the Yale Center for British Art’s Visiting Scholars Seminar; New Haven, Connecticut; March 11, 2019.

“‘The Most Cruel and Inhuman Massacre’: Emotions Rhetorics, Standing-Armies, and Boston’s Massacre” at “News Reporting and Emotions, 1100-2017,” the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions; Adelaide, Australia; September 6, 2017.

“Engraving Emotions: The Relationship between Emotions Rhetorics and Print Culture in Paul Revere’s The Bloody Massacre” at UC Berkeley’s Department of History Graduate Research Conference; Berkeley, CA; December 8, 2016.

“Anarchy at the Alamo: The Creation of a 21st Century American Punk-Western in Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher” at Page 23 LitCon; Denver, CO, May 23, 2015.

"Memories of a New Frontier: The Representation of the Cold War in post-September 11th Comic Books" at ROMOCOCO, Denver, CO 2014.

Courses Taught


History 103D: "We the People": A History of American Patriotism and National Identity from the Revolutionary War to the Present (Spring 2020)

Graduate Student Instructor:

History 7A: U.S. History to the Civil War (Fall 2023, Fall 2022, Fall 2020, Fall 2017, Fall 2016)

History 7B: U.S. History since the Civil War (Summer 2023, Summer 2019, Spring 2017)

History 137AC: Immigrants & Immigration as U.S. History (Spring 2023)

Global Studies 45: Survey of World History (Spring 2021)

Political Science 1: Introduction to American Politics (Summer 2022)

Graduate Student Reader:

History 100D: U.S. Legal & Constitutional History (Fall 2019)

History 124B: U.S. History since World War II (Spring 2018)