Russell L. Weber

PhD Candidate

North America


"American Feeling: Political Passions and Emotional Identity in the Early Republic, 1754–1795"

Awards & Fellowships

Lewis Walpole Library Fellow, 2018-2019

Virginia Historical Society Mellon Fellow, 2018-2019

UC Berkeley Graduate Division Summer Grant (2018)

UC Berkeley Graduate Division Summer Grant (2016)

Publications & Presentations

"The Most Cruel and Inhuman Massacre" at News Reporting and Emotions, 1100-2017, Adelaide, Australia, 2017.

"Engraving Emotions: Emotions Rhetorics in 'The Bloody Massacre" at UC Berkeley's History Graduate Research Showcase, 2017,

"Excavating an American Republic" in Past Tense: Graduate Review of History Vol. 3 No. 1 (2015): 1-22

"Anarchy at the Alamo: The Creation of a 21st Century American Punk-Western in 'Preacher'" at Page 23 LitCon; Denver, CO, 2015

"Memories of a New Frontier: The Representation of the Cold War in post-September 11th Comic Books" at ROMOCOCO, Denver, CO 2014

Curriculum Vitae