History Homecoming 2020

February 10, 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Wednesday, February 5th for this year’s History Homecoming! History Homecoming, the Department's annual event for alumni and friends, features a faculty panel on a historical theme followed by a catered reception. This year’s theme, “History Goes to the Movies”, was moderated by Department Chair Peter Zinoman, and featured a panel of History faculty: Professor Emeritus Thomas Laqueur, who explored political theology in the Netflix series The Crown; Associate Professor Stephanie Jones-Rogers, who spoke on the continued absolution of white women slave owners in history books and in the film Harriet; and Professor David Henkin, who spoke on the incentives of marriage in Little Women. It was a full house, and we were happy to see so many people--faculty, students, alumni, and more--show up for this event.  

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Thomas Laqueur stands in front of projected video clip of The Crown.Stephanie-Jones Rogers, speaks at a podium in foreground. Thomas Laqueur and David Henkin are visible in background.David Henkin stands in front of projected video clip of Little Women.

(Images from Left to Right: Thomas Laqueur; Stephanie Jones-Rogers; David Henkin)